Playing Tip

A controlled draw is the right tee shot for the fifteenth. For the rest of us "mere mortals", watch out for that slice - you could end up in the water. Take one more club to get up the hill, as many a ball rolls back off the fast green.


The 15th Hole - Par 4 Men - Par 5 Ladies

Hole fifteen is a great hole – one which I doubt many players will reach off the tee in two for me and three for ladies!

Measuring 408 for men and 379 for metres for ladies off the back markers, you have water off the tee on the right.  This water hazard is a beautiful lake; home of ducks and other water fowl. The clubhouse bar will watch you attempt to negotiate the fast green.

Even if you crunch a ‘belter’ off the tee, you have a huge second shot to the green that is set in the hill with a steep climb at its front.  You are advised to take one club more than the distance suggests to allow for this incline.  Par this one and shout yourself a drink!