Playing Tip

Be careful of the wind. Generally take one more club than you think.Try to fly the ball to the same level as the pin. Green very fast from front to back.


The 16th Hole - Par 3

Over looking the beach and ocean beyond, you hit down hill to a rolling green only 130 metres away. The vertical drop is some 15 metres from the back marker and it is great to smash your lofted club skyward, watching your ball (hopefully) plop on the green below. Try not to be distracted by the surfers enjoying a swell in the near distance.

This hole is made hard by firstly the wind and secondly by the green that runs diagonally from right bottom to left top, dotted with three bunkers. Putting is a nightmare, with more ups and downs than a ski resort. So best be near the pin to limit your putting strokes to two. Avoid the bunker on the right – it’s as deep as they come!