Playing Tip

Keep your mind off the out of bounds on the left (easier said than done) and go for the middle of the fairway. Take enough club into green to avoid the bunker. Try to keep the ball on the same level as the pin if possible.


The 17th Hole - Par 4

Seventeen and eighteen provide two fantastic finishing holes: both long par 4’s.

Seventeen has O.O.B left most of the way, where the bushes and sand dunes lead to the surf. The land falls from the side to the right. If you miss the green right, steep hills will see your ball rocket off to nowhere, so err left if anything. Be careful with this large green – not to over hit or you’ll find you ball O.O.B!

Please note the flyover shows the old 17th hole when work first started in Nov 2015. The Hole was redesigned in 3 stages and was opened in Feb 2017