We understand that the future of our club relies on our ability to attract and develop junior golfers.

Mona Vale Golf Club has been around for more than 90 years and in that time has seen many past and present junior members go on to represent the Club, State and Country while some have even gone on to play professionally.

We believe that golf is not only a fun game to play but also helps young people develop qualities that will stay with them throughout their lives. Our Junior Development Program encourages qualities such as respect, honesty, integrity and friendship. It provides the opportunity for juniors, regardless of their ability, to learn, improve and enjoy all that the game of golf and membership at Mona Vale Golf Club has to offer.

Our Junior Development Officer, Jack McLeod, has created a Player Pathway that helps juniors learn new skills and develop as players, at their own pace. The pathway starts at the beginner level and helps players progress all the way through to the elite level. The Player Pathway Achievement Boards, located in the Pro Shop, show how each junior is progressing, what they have achieved and what they have in front of them.

Mona Vale Golf Club’s Player Pathway is divided into three main stages; Rookies, Players and JET (Junior Elite Team).



New golfers learn best when engaged in a program that is clear, fun, easy to learn and rewarding. These essential elements are provided in the U.S. Kids Golf Learning Program with players advancing from level to level as their skills improve.

U.S. Kids Golf is the leading youth golf organization in the world and has recognized Mona Vale Golf Club as one of only two U.S. Kids Golf Centre’s of Excellence, in Australia. Our Junior Development Officer is one of only thirty USKG Certified Coaches in Australia and is a PGA of Australia, Advanced Golf Coach and Certified PGA Professional.

In our three weekly Rookie clinics (Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays), players are given booklets that outline the skills to be learned with check points in five areas: Putting, Around the Green, Full Swing, Knowledge, and Scoring. Players earn Achievement Pins each time a section of the booklet is completed. Once all five pins are attained, a Mastered pin is awarded, and the player advances to the next level.



Once players have an understanding of the basic fundamentals of the game, it’s time to let them experience more of the game itself. If we want our juniors to love the game, then they need to play the game and develop the skills to play it well.

Our Player Clinics are held every Tuesday and focus on improving the skills that they need to perform better on the golf course. Young players haven’t physically developed enough to attempt to hit the ball 250 metres off the tee but we believe that golf is best learned from the green backwards anyway, not from the tee forwards.

Mona Vale Golf Club Junior League is a weekly junior competition that is played on 5 progressively scaled golf holes. Level 1 of the Junior League is played from 50m and as scores improve, players graduate to levels that progressively move further from the green. Playing a short course allows players to experience early success and progression, developing skills in the areas that are most important to scoring.


Cadet Under 16yrs $324.00* Nil
Junior 1 16-17yrs $819.00* Nil

* Prices indicated based on 2021/2022 financial year that concludes 31.7.2023