LOCAL RULES - To be read in conjunction with the Rules of Golf.


1. Out of Bounds – all ground beyond the boundary fences and areas defined by white posts with black tops and a continuous blue line on left side of hole 9.

2. Relief from interference by an abnormal course condition is allowed anywhere on the course except in a penalty area. Drop to the nearest point of relief. Close to greens, interference also exists if the immovable obstruction is on the player’s line of play and is within 2 club lengths of the putting green and 2 club lengths of the ball. Rule 16.1b.

3. Areas around the maintenance facility and surrounds are a no play zone and are marked with blue pegs indicating a compulsory free drop. The drop zone for the hole you are playing should be used and relief taken within 2 club lengths, the ball must come to rest in the dropping zone.

4. Staked trees and shrubs are designated as No Play areas from which relief must be obtained.

5. Gardens, including edges/borders, which are deemed a No Play area from which relief must be obtained, are defined by white stakes with green tops.

6. All GUR areas are defined by white stakes/lines.

7. Penalty areas are defined by red stakes/lines or yellow stakes/lines.

8. All players should mark the position of their ball prior to lifting for any type of relief or penalty.

9. All penalty area and G.U.R. stakes, fences, sand and rubbish bins, tee markers and indicators, seats, bridges, drainage pipes, sumps, brick and concrete walls, steps, cart paths and artificial or formed roads are Immovable Obstructions.

10. The unsurfaced road to the right of Hole 7 is to be treated as an Immovable Obstruction from which free relief is allowed. Rule 16.1.

11. If a ball lies on a tyre mark or wheel track where the ground is broken, free relief within one club length no nearer the hole may be taken.


Penalty for breach of Local Rules – Unless otherwise noted, the penalty for a breach of a Local Rule is the general penalty (stroke play – 2 strokes, match play – loss of hole).

Course Information – players must replace and sand all divots, repair pitch-marks on the greens and rake bunkers after use.

Distance Markers – Distances are marked on sprinkler heads, a marker post 1 metre high, on the left of the fairway is 150 metres from the centre of the green. The yellow plastic ball on the flagstick indicates bottom position – front of green, middle position is middle of the green and top position is back of green.

All players must take direction from the Course Marshall/Ranger.


Slow Play

The Club is actively involved in reducing the occurrence of slow play.

Please watch a short presentation on tips for you and your partners to avoid slow play.

Pace of Play Policy

Please view the links below to read our policy on the pace of play. This policy is designed to reduce slow play and increase the enjoyability of the game.

Pace of Play Policy